• Italy
  • One Last Thing


    What a semester. Now that I’m home, it’s hard to know what to say as people ask me how it was. Here’s what I know: I somehow got the chance to taste, see, and experience so much more than I ever expected. I got to do it with some of my best friends, and with the […]

  • Italy
  • Take Five


    It’s hard to believe, but yesterday we went on our last trip of the semester! We got up early to catch a train to Cinque Terre for the day! Cinque Terre, Italian for “Five Lands” consists of a strip of five colorful villages along the coast: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso. We got a day pass for […]

  • Greece
  • It’s all Greek to me.


    So, I spent the weekend in Greece! Specifically, I went to Aegina Island, where my friend Amanda has been studying all semester. Even though getting to the island was a challenge because of the labor strikes in Athens (no public transportation), it was one-hundred percent worth it. Aegina was not only stunningly beautiful, but it also had […]

  • Italy
  • The First Sunday


    On the first Sunday of every month, most of Europe’s government-owned museums, gardens, and galleries are free to the public! This month we were in Florence, and it was a beautiful morning to explore the Boboli Gardens! Attached to the Pitti Palace, the Boboli Gardens were actually the first formally designed private gardens, and were the model for other palace […]

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  • The Floating City

    The Island of San Giorgio

    Yesterday, Sarah and I spent the day in Venice, and it was an unforgettable experience! My professor wrote, “To stand in the Piazza San Marco or the Roman Forum is to stand inside a living myth. In what other terms could one describe a city that floats on the ocean or one so ancient its […]

  • Italy
  • These Three Things


    Between yesterday and today, I attended three different (free) LdM activities with these awesome people: The first was Florence’s annual spring show of plants and flowers, and it was absolutely gorgeous! I’d love to invest in some of these if I was going to live here longer! Instead, I took photos.  The show was located at the […]

  • Italy
  • Roma pt. 2


    The night after we got home from our first visit to Rome, I was online looking for good deals to go back. Our first trip was exhilarating and jam-packed with sightseeing(click here to see), but there was one big thing I’d left undone: Galleria Borghese. The Borghese Villa and estate are beautiful, and the gallery holds a […]

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  • Sugar Rush


    Thanks to our school, Katie, Moriah, Alexis, and I got into the Gelato Festival for free today! It was so fun – and so filling. Alexis and I shared nine different flavors… yes, nine. While sitting and enjoying one last cup of gelato, we watched some models pose for a wedding magazine. In Florence, this is […]

  • Italy
  • Gardens & Ruins


    On Friday, Sarah and I went to Giardino Bardini, a beautifully manicured garden across the river Arno. It’s not well known to tourists, so it was nice and quiet. Almost everything is in bloom this time of year, making the garden smell amazing and look even more gorgeous. It’s hard to find quiet green places […]

  • Italy
  • Design Week: Milan


    Katie and I went to Milan for the day! We are taking a product design class this semester, and our professor told us we had to check out the Salone del Mobile – an international furniture fair held annually during Design Week at the Fiera di Milano in Rho. Our professor was right, it was definitely […]