Cathedrals of Color


Lucas is here for the weekend! It’s been so great to have a friend visit for our first weekend in Florence, especially one who’s up for adventures and espresso every day.

Today we went to an international Christian church service in the morning, and to the top of the duomo (Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore) in the afternoon! From the top, we spotted several other significant basilicas, so overall it was a cathedral kind of day! As we went from sitting in the folding chairs of this morning’s tiny service to climbing the stairs of a church that took 200 years to build, it struck me that these places of worship are extremely diverse. Yet, they serve the same God. Cool.

The tickets that got us to the top of the Duomo also got us into several museums in and around the cathedral, so we spent our last free day wandering around the exhibits! Lucas leaves tomorrow and school starts for the rest of us, but I’m looking forward to a little routine.


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