Lemon Love

This weekend, we got a feel for Southern Italy on a tour of Pompeii, Sorrento, and Capri with a group from our school. After 10 days of spring break travel, it was nice to go on a pre-planned adventure. I’m super thankful for the awesome professors who lead the trip, Luca and his wife, Milva. They were so excited to show us their favorite places!


When I was little I wanted to be an archeologist when I grew up. Or a paleontologist. Or a veterinarian. Clearly, I’ve ruled out these career paths for myself, but I’ll always take interest in animals, science, and history. Therefore, I found our first stop at the archeological site of the Roman city of Pompeii completely fascinating. Because of the Mount Vesuvius eruption, the entire city was covered in hot volcanic ash and preserved for centuries. Now, you can walk through the parts which have been excavated and imagine living in the ancient Roman city. I loved walking through Pompeii because it was an example of a middle class lifestyle, something that never would’ve been preserved and commemorated on purpose. The burial of Pompeii was a tragic natural disaster, but I think the way its site has been excavated, rebuilt, and opened for tourist education was really well done.
After Pompeii, we drove to Sorrento to have dinner and try a whole bunch of lemon flavored sweets. The volcanic soil makes this region famous for the sweetest lemons in the world.
From Sorrento, we took a ferry to the island of Capri. We explored the charming town, and indulged in “Italy’s best pizza,” lemon gelato, and lemon perfume.

The perfume factory, Carthusia, is quite famous for its ancient recipes which utilize the 700 types of flowers located on the island. We all smelled like citrus and flowers the rest of the day.

In the afternoon, Luca took us on a private boat around the island. Capri’s crystal blue water and dramatic cliffs felt like another world. Capri’s sights and smells blew me away!

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