Gardens & Ruins


On Friday, Sarah and I went to Giardino Bardini, a beautifully manicured garden across the river Arno. It’s not well known to tourists, so it was nice and quiet. Almost everything is in bloom this time of year, making the garden smell amazing and look even more gorgeous. It’s hard to find quiet green places in Florence, so this was a huge treat. Plus, it had a wonderful view of Florence!

Today, Kristina, Sarah, and I took a bus outside the city to Fiesole. We checked out the Ancient Roman ruins and enjoyed some sun!

This weekend has left me so recharged and inspired. I got to spend a solid amount of quality time with each of my roommates individually, and got coffee with a couple new friends! We were in Florence on a Sunday for the first time in a while, and it was so good to go back to church. Also, Katie’s parents are here visiting, so I’ve gotten a taste of home! Having dinner with the Dunbars last night was a much needed change of pace, and super fun.

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  1. Oh those wisteria vines hanging over the walkways look magical!!!

    1. nataliainitalia says: Reply

      It really was magical!! They smelled so good too.

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