These Three Things


Between yesterday and today, I attended three different (free) LdM activities with these awesome people:

The first was Florence’s annual spring show of plants and flowers, and it was absolutely gorgeous! I’d love to invest in some of these if I was going to live here longer! Instead, I took photos. 

The show was located at the Horticultural Garden, which extends up the hill that offers a nice view of Florence!

After visiting the flower show, Alexis, Juliana, Katie, and I went to Florence’s International Arts and Crafts Fair, or “Mostra dell’Artigianato,” located in Fortezza da Basso, Florence’s 14th century fortress. It was a huge exhibition full of stalls that featured handmade crafts and foods from all over Italy and all over the world. I loved the chance to try a few free samples and practice my Italian!

Today, Katie, Sarah, and I took a bus to Pratolino Park to see the Medici’s largest estate. Now a public park, the estate features the Colossus of Giambologna statue and the Demidoff villa.

It was a perfect day to spend outside in the sun – I had a great day with these goofballs.

Super thankful for the activity coordinators from our school for putting these events together! Experiencing new things and getting to know new people was just the best.

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  1. Rachel Warren says: Reply

    This may be my favorite blog yet! The simple things… so much fun! I wish I were there to explore with you. I miss your adventurous spirit.

    1. nataliainitalia says: Reply

      Thanks! I wish you were too!!

  2. Ginny Anderson says: Reply

    You are so blessed! So happy for you!

    1. nataliainitalia says: Reply


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