The Floating City

The Island of San Giorgio

Yesterday, Sarah and I spent the day in Venice, and it was an unforgettable experience! My professor wrote, “To stand in the Piazza San Marco or the Roman Forum is to stand inside a living myth. In what other terms could one describe a city that floats on the ocean or one so ancient its origins are cloaked in fantasy?” Now I think I see what he means.

While we wandered through the narrow streets and across shimmering canals, we made our way to the San Marco Piazza. We went inside St. Mark’s Basilica, and stared at the golden mosaic-covered ceilings for a long time. No photos were allowed, so everyone should go and see for yourself! I did take one of one of the mosaics on the outside. Next, Sarah and I visited the Palazzo Ducal (Doge’s Palace), and explored the magnificent rooms and eerie prison. We’ve walked through quite a few palaces, but something about this one captured my imagination. Maybe it was the suits of armor or barred prison cells, but I almost expected a quest or a fire-breathing dragon.

Afterwards, we took a ferry to the island of San Giorgio to see Tintoretto’s “Last Supper” painting inside the San Giorgio Maggiore Basilica. From the top of the church’s bell tower, we got an amazing view of the islands of Venice!

The view from the bell tower revealed more to see on San Giorgio, so we checked out a museum exhibition “The Glass of the Architects: Vienna 1900–1937,” and an installation by Hiroshi Sugimoto, “Glass Tea House Mondrian.” Both wonderful hidden gems to stumble upon!

The rest of our day was spent wandering back through the winding streets window shopping and watching the colors shift as the sun began to set. We sang a lot of Elvis to ourselves and said “Ciao!” to strangers, and it was great.

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